Dance review: Rejoining Jane (3 stars)

Dance review: Rejoining Jane

Brighton-based dance company Tick Tock Bridget tours UK cafes with its fun take on book group chatter

The Jane in the title is a bored but adventurous librarian from a novel, who's off travelling around the world, via Malaysia, France and Papua New Guinea, following a love interest along the way.

The meta part comes when Rosa Firbank, Harriet Morris and Jessica Miller — three dance artists from Brighton, aka Tick Tock Bridget— meet to discuss the novel in a café. The company is currently on tour, channelling some of Jane's intrepid spirit, taking its energetic mix of trad folk soundtrack, sea shanty jigs, Bollywood arms and deadpan humour around UK coffee shops.

And the book group scene in their messy, colourful DIY mish mash of dressing up, dance, music and storytelling happens in an actual café. So passers-by outside the Larder in Edinburgh's Old Town stop to squint through the window, wondering why three dancers in glorious, stretch glitter trousers and chintzy fabrics are lunging and pirouetting around the tables, like a thrift shop Charlie's Angels.

The French language tracks by Babylon Circus and Charles Dumont help conjure up the quirky, glass-half-full, Parisian vibes of Amélie, if she was a bendy interpretative dancer, wearing a turban. With a mission 'to celebrate the everyday stories we share', Rejoining Jane weaves around the conversation at the book group meeting, with the audience earwigging on their observations. The grown-up-on-a-gap-year plot is gently meandering, and garbled in places, but Tick Tock Bridget stick around for a beer and a chat afterwards, to iron out any plot questions and also sell copies of the novel, invented as part of their homespun show.

Reviewed at The Larder, Edinburgh, Tue 9 April

Rejoining Jane

A trio of dancers perform the story of Jane, a shy librarian-turned-sailor who travels the world in search of her lost brother.