Eggs-cellent breakfast treat

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  • 1 August 2008

Kat scrambled the ostrich egg

Housemates ate a giant ostrich egg for breakfast this morning (31.08.08). Cookie lover Kat scrambled the giant egg - which was found in the store room after Rex ordered 57 mystery prizes instead of food this week - for everyone to share.

Rex broke the shell to reveal the massive yolk, much the group's amazement.

Rachel said: "Oh my gosh! Whoa!"

Dale added: "That looks amazing! That is one top egg, that."

Darnell joked: "It's like we're on the fricking 'Flintstones'!"

But Australian PA Sara was not so impressed by the novelty breakfast food.

She said: "Ergh, it makes me feel sick looking at that! It's massive. Gross!"

Grumpy Rex - who inflicted the bizarre collection of goodies on the house - was similarly sceptical.

He said: "I don't think I'm up for ostrich egg this early in the morning. It's not bad. It's a lot better-looking than Number Six!"

The store room also contained a frozen lamb carcus, raw fish and a whole box of fruit and veg.

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