Andrew Scott got into character for Steel Country by shopping at Walmart

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  • 11 April 2019

Andrew Scott got into character for his 'Steel Country' role by shopping at Walmart and eating junk food so he could embody the role of trucker Donald Devlin

Andrew Scott got into character for his 'Steel Country' role by shopping at Walmart.

The 42-year-old actor portrays trucker Donald Devlin in the new Simon Fellows film – which tells the story of a young boy going missing in a "unique" American town – and revealed he embodied the blue-collar role by following a bad lifestyle and living on a low budget.

Speaking on 'The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show', Andrew said: "We shot it in Griffin in Georgia which is a unique place, diplomatically put.

"When I've travelled to work before, it hasn't been to small town mid America and it's very bleak. A lot of people feel very disenfranchised over there.

"I tried to immerse myself into it. I basically just ate really bad food and didn't go to the gym for all the time I was there. It was amazing! Such a sacrifice.

"I bought all of the clothes from Walmart and everything. And I was like make sure we don't buy anything over five dollars. Because that's how these guys would have been. But that doesn't mean that that they haven't got very full and rich things going on in their head. It's very moving."

The '1917' actor appears in the film alongside Denise Gough, Catherine Dyer, Jason Davis and Bronagh Waugh.

The handsome star also thought it was very ironic that his kind character shared a first name with President Donald Trump, who was coming into power during the time of filming.

He said: "He's called Donald, this character. We shot at it at a time when the other Donald was taking place. The most powerful man in the world and the most disenfranchised man in America.

"It's just interesting that two people with the same name can live in very different worlds!"

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