Rex kicks off

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  • 1 August 2008

Luke thinks Rex will punch him

Rex launched a foul-mouthed assault on Luke and Lisa last night after they insulted his girlfriend (31.07.08). The self-styled playboy was outraged the pair had thought one of the participants in an indentify parade was prettier than his "princess" after a photo of her turned up in the store room.

Earlier this week, Lisa and Luke incorrectly picked suspect Number Six in a line up. Rex's girlfriend Nicole was suspect Number Three.

Luke - who is hot favourite to be evicted tonight - found the picture among the special gifts Big Brother had left for them.

He shouted: "It's Number Six!"

Rex was disgusted by the woman and threw the snap on the floor.

He ranted: "She's awful. Are you saying that she's better looking than my f**king girlfriend!?"

Luke defend his comments, after previously saying Number Six looked like a Hollywood star, whereas Rex's girl was more like a 'Coronation Street' actress.

He said: "This is a bad photo. It's a close-up of her face, we didn't see her face that well."

But Rex would not drop it and continued to abuse remorseful Luke.

"F**k you, that's a f**king insult. My girlfriend is 50 times better than her."

Later, Luke told Lisa he thought they were in big trouble.

He said: "We've made a big mistake. I actually think he wants to punch us.

"But Number Six was perfect, and not orange and plastered in make-up."

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