BBC Scotland's new series Loop is an 'arts show for everyone'

BBC Scotland's new series Loop is an 'arts show for everyone'

Edwyn Collins

New series looks behind the curtains of Scotland's arts and culture scene and its leading and emerging figures

A brand new BBC Scotland series Loop will take to our screens on Thursday 18 April to uncover the amazing stories behind Scotland's art and cultural figures. The programme centres around a changing central theme that connects different stories together. Each episode will feature a big name from the Scottish creative scene as a leading contributor.

Series producer, Danny Rawlings, explains, 'It covers not only all the biggest stories and trends from across the Scottish arts landscape but also delves beneath the surface to uncover some of the amazing human stories of the artists, creatives and practitioners, who are creating incredible work across the country.'

Loop's first episode looks at the theme 'Finding the Right Words' and is led by former Orange Juice frontman and Scottish music legend Edwyn Collins. Talking from his home and studio, he candidly opens up about his creative processes and reveals how he recovered from two strokes in 2005 that temporarily took away his ability to walk, read, write and speak. During the episode other inspirational accounts will be shared by Scottish artists, including novelist Damian Barr, spoken-word poet Janette Ayachi and drag artists Ru-Jazzle and Lacy Rain.

The idea has already existed for three years as short arts and culture films published on the BBC's digital platforms, with the new channel giving the project the space to flourish. Danny explains, 'We're definitely trying to do something new with Loop. It's a whole new way of working for us, we are taking a mixture of digital first content, from the hugely successful BBC Scotland brand Loop digital and from other arts organisations across Scotland, and blending it together with bespoke TV content to create each half-hour episode.'

The Loop TV concept will also feature content from the BBC Arts, Screen Scotland and LUX Scotland supported project Now & Next. Its aims are to nurture emerging creative voices from different fields in Scotland by giving them a platform to showcase their work. This is part of a larger BBC Introducing Arts initiative that will be launched fully later in the year.

Overall, the emphasis on the concept is to create an arts programme for all, something that doesn't leave people feeling alienated. 'I think what's exciting about Loop is that it's a new type of arts programme, it's very accessible and aims to cover all aspects of art and creativity in Scotland not just traditional "high" art, although there is definitely a place for that too. I'd like to think that this is an arts show for everyone, you absolutely don't need to be in the arts world to enjoy it, but equally if you are there's plenty for you to enjoy as well.'

The series consists of six episodes and the upcoming themes are 'Pictures That Tell a Story', 'Stepping into Light', 'From Your Own Hands', 'Capturing the Moment' and 'Future Proofing'.

Loop airs on BBC Scotland, Thursday 18 April, 11pm-11.30pm