Domestic Bliss (4 stars)

Domestic Bliss

Exhibition about challenging the values of domesticity

Gallery 4 at GoMA has opened for the first time in a number of years for this significant museum collection show, Domestic Bliss, which kicked off on International Women's Day. The exhibition provides an exploration of domestic labour, feminism, public versus private space, intimate relationships and historical narratives.

Functional domestic objects like Niki de Saint Phalle's 'Vache Vase' – which at first looks more like a sculptural work – sits on a plinth painted to evoke a cabinet, placing emphasis on the object's function in the domestic realm. The allusion to the domestic space is evident throughout the entire gallery space, with the addition of imagined interiors: a video shown on an old TV set with mid-century chairs to watch from, and a fireplace painted on the wall.

A key theme of the exhibition is women at work: in the home and in the workplace. Photographs by Oscar Marzaroli show painter Joan Eardley working in her Glasgow studio, and two photographs by Jo Spence – 'Early Mother' (1985) and 'Love on a Plate' (1989) – present mother-daughter relationships by documenting the roles women are expected to play in society. Domestic Bliss is an exhibition about challenging the values of domesticity that society encourages us to emulate in our own lives, and certainly leaves you with plenty to ponder.

GoMA, Glasgow, until 31 Dec 2020.

Domestic Bliss

An exhibition which brings together work from Glasgow Museums' collection to look at the history of the building as a former house, Royal Exchange and civic space.

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