Iggy Azalea thinks her music needs 'visual storytelling'

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  • 3 April 2019
Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

'Sally Walker' hitmaker Iggy Azalea doesn't think her music can exist without "visual storytelling", and she suggested her videos perfectly complement her songs

Iggy Azalea doesn't think her music can exist without "visual storytelling".

The 'Sally Walker' star – who released the new track last month ahead of her upcoming second album 'In My Defense'- has explained that she will continue to release songs and videos on the same day because she feels it works best for the art she's creating.

Taking to Twitter, she replied to an inquisitive follower: "Yes because I think everything I do is so intertwined with visual storytelling etc. it's not the same without that."

She promised another new song is "coming", pointing out that fans should be patient because she only released her latest single two weeks ago.

Iggy, 28, also opened up about the amount of work that goes into her promo videos, and put it down to her own creative ideas.

She tweeted: "Let me tell y'all you do not know the struggle that is wanting entirely different makeup looks for every scene in a music video but only having 15mins to do changes. It's like a big time management puzzle."

Meanwhile, she has offered a defiant response to her critics and "higher up" people trying to hold her down, adding that she will "NEVER give up".

She wrote: "One thing ya gotta know about me is you can try to stomp out my fire but I'm always gonna keep popping back up. I literally will NEVER give up. Never have. NEVER will.


"I hear about so many higher up ppl tryna stomp on my neck thinking it won't get back to me. It does. But you know what? You might be powerful but I know me & everyone supporting gonna keep going regardless. All my battles will be fought with positivity. (sic)

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