Live review: Hot Chip, SWG3, Glasgow, Mon 1 Apr (4 stars)

Live review: Hot Chip: SWG3, Glasgow, Mon 1 Apr

credit: Stewart Fullerton Photography

Gloriously energetic warm-up show for the group's upcoming seventh studio album

Hot Chip have been going for nearly two decades now. Musical magpies, they deftly incorporate synth-pop, electronica, funk, house (and whatever else they feel like) in the name of getting audiences on their feet.

Coming onstage in loosely matching pastel-hued jackets, the band get things started with 'Huarache Lights', from 2015's Why Make Sense? A motorik groove that builds and builds, nimbly adding more textures, the song demonstrates exactly how the Hot Chip jet engine is fuelled. A thunderous 'One Life Stand' follows, along with a slick 'Night & Day' and the dance-routine accompanied 'Flutes,' before the band treat the audience to their new single 'Hungry Child'. The song features a nimble and bubbly synth line that weaves in and out of a catchy beat, complemented by dual vocals. They drop two other new songs into the set but save hits like 'I Feel Better' and 'Ready for the Floor' (along with a fun but perhaps unnecessary cover of the Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage') for the end, sending the audience dancing out into the night.

Stage plotting means that some of the instrumental dexterity of the band is lost, and it becomes difficult to take in everything that is happening onstage at times. This is unfortunate, as there is only so much energy that can come from the synth-players at the front without seeing the drums, guitars, cowbells, vocoders and whatever else is happening behind them.

Clearly delighted to be back, the band continue the night with a DJ set down at the Sub Club, showing their breadth of influences and mixing in another play of their new single. At this point, Hot Chip have a tried and tested playbook and this show does not hint that they will be deviating from that anytime soon. However, when it works this well and feels this good, why should they?

Hot Chip

A wildly infectious, synth-pop dream– There's something odd about Hot Chip. Some fracture between conception and actuality that makes them all the more intriguing. Banging live show. This is a 14+ event (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).

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