Five theatre shows in Scotland this April to blast your concept

Five Theatre Shows in April to Blast Your Concept

Stakehouse Live, part of Buzzcut

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April is one of the busiest months for Scottish theatre, with the major venues showcasing their flagship productions, from Local Hero at the Lyceum to the Citizens' season of women writers (relocated to Tramway as their home is redeveloped). But between the big hitters, there are plenty of more alternative offerings that can fall beneath the radar.

Locker Room Talk

Gary McNair's response to toxic masculinity weaves together verbatim conversations in the aftermath of Donald Trump's ridiculous assertion that his aggressive misogyny is just a bit of male banter. Unflinching and frequently shocking, the cast of women recount the words of men and expose a vicious, predatory underbelly that respects few boundaries, social or sexual.
Visiting Dundee, Aberdeen, Stirling, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Buzzcut Double Thrills

Buzzcut's development from annual festival to a series of challenging works on the performance art spectrum turns the CCA into a hive of live events, dedicated discussion spaces and hip happenings. For the last programme of this season, the arrival of the Gloop Show promises the championing of communism, green drag and more acts hidden around the building that always blast the concept of what theatre can be.
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What Girls are Made of

Award-winning actor and director Cora Bissett won the Fringe with this, her first script and an autobiographical reflection: 'for the first time, I was the person the story was about,' she explains. 'Which took me by surprise, I came across all my old teenage diaries charting this time in my life where I landed a record deal at the age of 17. I had written down every detail of events and it became about more than a 'rock n roll adventure' and it became about how those formative experiences as a teen shape you. It was in thinking about what I could pass on to my daughter, what have I learned, what can I teach her that is of use, what wisdom have I collected if any, how do I help her be strong. That became the driving force of the piece and what I was searching for as I wrote it.'
Playing Tramway, Glasgow, and Traverse, Edinburgh, in April.


Scotland's Company of Wolves have been developed a theatricality that owes as much to physical theatre and European traditions: Achilles might go back to the earliest stories of western civilisation, retelling the tragedy at the heart of the Iliad, but The Wolves' blend of movement, song and storytelling expresses an irresistibly contemporary dramaturgy.
Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Sat 6 Apr.

Elsie and Norm's Macbeth

Given the sanctity afforded to Shakespeare's propaganda-piece, this two-handed version, rewritten to make the script a bit snappier and more exciting might be a cheeky in-joke for theatre audiences or a scathing satire on theatre itself. Determinedly adult and tongue-in-cheek, it promises to deconstruct one of the big plays… mercilessly and with plenty of humour.
The Old Hairdresser's, Glasgow, Thu 4 Apr.

Locker Room Talk

Political drama 'inspired' by comments by Donald Trump during his campaign. A provocative exploration of how men speak about women in men-only spaces, by Gary McNair.

What Girls Are Made Of

  • 4 stars

Based on her teenage diaries, Cora Bissett traces the highs and lows of her musical career, beginning with her origins as a schoolgirl in Glenrothes to her time as the lead singer of indie-rock outfit Darlingheart. Winner of the 2018 Scotsman Fringe First Award.


Solo performance reworking the myth of Achilles through dance, song and storytelling.

Elsie And Norm's "macbeth" By John Christopher-Wood

Elsie and Norm have decided to have a bit of a bash at culture by staging a production of Macbeth in their living-room. After a spot of judicious re-writing by Norm to make it snappier and more punchy, and undaunted by the large cast, Elsie and Norm set out to act one of the greatest pieces of literature what has ever…

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