Dale's Jen fear

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  • 31 July 2008

Dale has Jen on the brain

Dale fears Jen won't be interested in him after his profile tape was played in the house. The ladies' man - who has been pining for the gorgeous Geordie since she was evicted a month ago - feels the comments he made in the film may have ruined his chances of love.

The video - which was shown to Heavenly housemates Stuart, Rex, Mikey and Mohamed - features Dale saying he would "nail any f***y in the house" and that he "hates kids", despite Jennifer having a two-year-old.

He told Kat: "It was eight months ago when I said those things."

The 21-year-old hoped the part-time model will be waiting for him outside the house when he is evicted, saying he doesn't want her to feel she was "just a girl in the house".

Kat admitted she was worried about this week's eviction - for which nine housemates are up - saying she fears one of her friends may get the boot.

The pair both believe two housemates will get kicked out.

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