Kris Lemsalu: Biker, Bride, Builder, Businesswoman and Baby (4 stars)

Kris Lemsalu: Biker, Bride, Builder, Businesswoman and Baby

Estonian artist's immersive installation features ceramic and textile works

There is a disaster in Tramway 2. The room is full of a choppy sea, upon which the wreckage of somebody's life is floating. A flock of ceramic birds are frozen in the act of gathering up wave-like folds of blue fabric. This foaming disaster scene could be a personal tragedy. Or it could be a technicolour premonition in which the other creatures of the earth return to clear up the mess that humanity has left behind after its extinction.

For the opening night, Estonian artist Kris Lemsalu is present. In fact, she is screwed down to a wooden armature, keeping perfectly still in a scarlet silky robe with a giant flower leaning in at her side. Her physical endurance holds much in common with the statue impersonators who populate Edinburgh's Royal Mile. It's difficult to suspend disbelief: ceramic birds can't fly without strings and waves can't crash without armatures to hold them up. There are few clues as to how and why this frozen scene has been captured in suspense, but perhaps there is nothing to be solved.

The situation here is too glamorous and colourful to be another re-imagining of the drab post-apocalyptic wasteland that has quietly embedded in our psyches of late. There is a considerately placed park bench overlooking this catastrophe. Why not sit down and just enjoy the spectacle?

Tramway, Glasgow, until Sat 13 Apr.

Kris Lemsalu

Sculptural installations from the Estonian artist, evoking the bestial side of humanity.