Rapid-fire music trivia game Paybak launches in Edinburgh

Rapid-fire music trivia game Paybak launches in Edinburgh

New live mobile game places an emphasis on music with special guest presenters and a resident DJ

Having grown steadily in the past decade thanks greatly to the rise of smartphones, the mobile game landscape in the UK is now a multi-million pound industry, with users of all ages and backgrounds granted access to hundreds of thousands of games. Based in Scotland, Paybak is the latest addition to the world of live mobile games, with the emphasis on music, and in particular, recently released music from the worlds of pop, hip hop, R&B and more. With each game lasting no more than 15 minutes, Paybak is fast and free to play, giving players the chance to win cash prizes while flaunting their knowledge about music in the process. The game will be officially launched at their first ever live show on Mon 1 Apr at The Library Bar in Teviot with special guest presenters and resident DJ Motion Sky in tow. We catch up with Paybak's Graham Gorton to hear more about the game itself and what to expect from the pilot shows.

Can you tell me a little more about what Paybak is and how the idea came together?

The concept for Paybak is very simple. It's a live music game on your phone. You have ten seconds to answer each question and if you get them all correct, you win or split the cash prize. It's fast, fast, fast. The game itself lasts no more than 15 minutes so, you'll need to be ready with the app open on time to be able to play. Paybak is all about music, particularly recent music. So, if you know more about Cardi B than The Beatles, then you'll be in good company.

The genre of 'live mobile game' is still relatively new, and naturally HQ Trivia was a huge influence for us. The genre started in 2017 with them, and there have been plenty of imitators since. Paybak takes this in a new direction by pairing the energy of live audiences, DJ sets and live mobile games to create a fast-paced, shared experience. The live audience and attention to new music gives Paybak a whole new dynamic not seen in other live mobile games.

What can audiences expect at the pilot?

You can expect a rapid-fire hit of live entertainment. We are done and dusted with a 15 minute DJ intro set and 15 minute game in just 30 minutes! If you're the kind of person who likes to make a dramatic late entrance, you're going to miss out.

Paybak is hosted by a brilliantly diverse cast of presenters plucked from all corners of the music world; Skyy Boii, the well respected hip hop producer based in Edinburgh, Rohan Brown, a fabulous salsa DJ and instructor from Birmingham, Frankie Elyse, super skilled DJ and broadcast journalist from Glasgow, and Fat, the creative charismatic radio DJ, presenter and comedian, also from Glasgow.

Each night, one of them teams up with spectacular resident DJ, Edinburgh's Motion Sky, for a 15 minute DJ set followed by around 15 minutes of game.

You can expect a live and loud, raucous time, with a different genre of music each night, a rapid-fire music trivia game and the chance to make you and your night a bit richer.

We kick-off at 9pm prompt. It's free to enter and everyone is welcome to play.

What are your main goals with this project? And what are your hopes for the next phase?

The goal of Paybak is to allow you to have a great time, discover new music, and to share the fun with your friends. Music is the most powerful medium in the world. Its influence crosses cultures, boundaries, brings people together and enriches the lives of the listeners. To foster a positive, social environment for everyone, while having a bloody good laugh and making a bunch of people richer, seems like an awesome way to spend an evening.

The aim for the next phase of Paybak is to become a leading reference for live mobile games in the UK. You'll see us switch-up from the familiar format of the pilot to a much richer game style. Plans are underway to see us plugged into the global underground music scenes, connecting new artists and labels to the immediacy of Paybak. You'll also see us pop-up in unexpected locations across the UK. It'll be fresh, fast and fun. Keep an eye out for us.

Paybak pilot shows, The Library Bar, Teviot Row House, Mon 1–Thu 4 Apr, 9pm. Find out more about the app at paybak.live.

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