Halsey will release her 'loud' album this year

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  • 26 March 2019


Halsey has teased her fans that she will be dropping her "loud" new album in 2019

Halsey's new album will be "a loud one".

The 'Without Me' hitmaker – who recently released the emo pop rock hit '11 Minutes' with Yungblud and Travis Barker – has promised fans she will drop her eagerly-awaited follow-up to 2017's 'Hopeless Fountain Kingdom' in 2019, and also hinted her new tunes will be "heavier" than what fans are used to.

The 24-year-old pop star also admitted that the writing process has been "a lesson in forgiving myself", as she opened up about struggling with self-love.

Halsey – who is dating British rocker Yungblud – tweeted: "I know you guys are anxious for new music and new memories. for touring and traveling with your friends. for events and pop ups and meeting new people. for music video screenshots. for group chats and late night. thank you for being patient with me. I want it to be perfect ... Writing this album has been a lesson in forgiving myself. In being proud of myself and kind to myself despite how much this world is designed to make you hate yourself. I hope when it's finally in your hands it brings you that same peace. It's not a quiet peace. It's a loud one. (sic)"

When one fan asked asked her: "Is it coming out this year that is all I wanna know?", she replied: "Yes."

In the same thread, Halsey also apologised for the times she has been "ungrateful", and admitted she was moved with "emotion" after seeing all of the tattoos her fans have had done to pay homage to her.

She wrote: "dearest universe,

please forgive me and have patience with me in moments I have ever been ungrateful. that thread of all your halsey tattoos really moved me in such a massive way. huge waves of emotion and gratitude right now. thank you for choosing me. (sic)"

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