Annie Booth announces new single 'Magic 8'

Annie Booth announces new single 'Magic 8'

Edinburgh singer-songwriter releases the lead single from her upcoming EP Spectral

When Annie Booth's debut album An Unforgiving Light was released in 2017, it was praised for its compelling musicality, going on to be lauded as Roddy Hart's Record of Note (BBC Radio Scotland) and featured in Vic Galloway's Best Albums of 2017. The critical acclaim resulted in Booth performing at the BBC's Quay Sessions, as well as appearing at a number of festivals including XpoNorth, Celtic Connections, Tenement Trail and Kelburn's Garden Party.

'I've been writing songs from a young age,' the Edinburgh singer-songwriter says of about her start in music. 'Short stories and poems came first, then evolved into songwriting as I got more into music, though I did my fair share of cover versions as well. As a bit of an introvert, it's a useful means to express myself.'

Booth's sound is characterised by its sombre indie-rock tinged folk, which sits elegantly under her poignant and heartfelt lyrics.

'My current sound is more withdrawn and quietly atmospheric than that of my album, which was jagged and rock-influenced' She explains. 'It probably reflects my changing listening habits and experiences. I've always had a folk centre to my music that's often expressed with pop melodies and harmony, so it's interesting to see the different forms it can take.'

'Magic 8', the lead single from Booth's new EP Spectral, demonstrates her strength at crafting wonderful imagery, with a guitar gently strummed below her softly self-assured vocals as the instrumentation builds. Mixed with such bold songwriting, she has the ability to keep her listeners captivated.

'Lyrically it's about things fragmenting a little bit around you, and fantasising about leaving life-altering decisions to chance. It definitely captures the odd sweetness that melancholy can have. It was refreshing working with Chris [McCrory (Catholic Action, Siobhan Wilson)] in the studio, both of us coming up with parts instinctively and responding to the bittersweet mood of the song.'

'Magic 8' provides a small taste of the upcoming EP, which overall exhibits a real sense of development for Booth, both artistically and personally. So with Spectral on the way and some shows on the horizon to launch the EP, what else does the future hold for the Booth?

'I think there's another album in me but it's dependent on inspiration and settling on a "sound" – there's a few directions I could go in, and it's exciting in a way not knowing how the music will end up.'

Spectral is out on Fri 10 May via Last Night From Glasgow and Scottish Fiction.

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