Go see this: comedians on who you should see at Glasgow Comedy Festival

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  • 14 March 2019
Go see this: comedians on who you should see at Glasgow Comedy Festival

Abigoliah Schamaun

'The only thing I love more than her shows are her Christmas cards'

We kick off our Glasgow Comedy Festival coverage by asking a bunch of acts who are in town during March to pick one show they'd most like to see during the month. As it turns out, family loyalty means nothing when it comes to a comedian's recommendation …

Tiff Stevenson on Alfie Brown

In Lunatic, Alfie Brown picks apart socially acceptable ways to respond to an awful incident and, in doing so, challenges society's behaviour as well as his own. Which makes it sound very highbrow but it's top to bottom funny. Not for the faint-hearted but a must for proper comedy fans.
Tiff Stevenson: Mother, Blackfriars, Fri 22 Mar; Alfie Brown: Lunatic, Blackfriars, Fri 15 Mar.

Colin Hoult on Jonny Donahoe

I'm very excited to see that my old friend Jonny Donahoe has created a new show; he's the loveliest, cleverest fellow with a fascinating and heroic tale to tell. Also he's appearing as Jonny & The Baptists which is always a hoot and features Paddy, an angel made flesh.
Colin Hoult as Anna Mann, Old Hairdressers, Sun 24 Mar; Jonny Donahoe: Inheritance, Vacant Space, Sun 31 Mar.

Sofie Hagen on Desiree Burch

I highly recommend Desiree Burch who is one of those people that, apart from making me laugh all the time, also constantly surprises. She has experienced enough in her life to do hundreds of shows and I'll be front row for all of them.
Sofie Hagen Does a Preview of Her New Show, Blackfriars, Thu 14 Mar; Desiree Burch, Old Hairdressers, Sat 23 Mar.

Go see this: comedians on who you should see at Glasgow Comedy Festival

Desiree Burch / credit: Tean Roberts

Des Clarke on David Kay

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a new Netflix show. It's about a Japanese woman that helps tidy your house. Kondo says, only keep things with us that spark joy. David Kay isn't a Japanese woman. Nor will he tidy your house. But he does spark joy.
Des Clarke: Broken, The Garage, Fri 29 & Sat 30 Mar; David Kay, The Stand, Thu 28 Mar.

Abigoliah Schamaun on Alison Spittle

Alison Spittle is one of my favourite people in comedy. Some people think laterally, some people think sideways, but Alison thinks in zig-zags. You'll know when I'm at a Spittle show because I'll be the one bent over in stitches thinking 'how did she connect those two ideas? How?!'
Abigoliah Schamaun: Do You Know Who I Think I Am?, Blackfriars, Sat 16 Mar; Alison Spittle Makes a Show of Herself, Blackfriars, Fri 29 Mar.

Andy Zaltzman on Bannockburn

I'd be fascinated to see Bannockburn, a new play about the celebrity 1314 battle. As an Englishman, I remain convinced that Robert the Bruce was offside when he clonked England star Henry de Bohun on the noggin with his axe. Hopefully this production will clear that up, and some kind of replay can be arranged.
Andy Zaltzman: The Bugle Live, The Stand, Tue 19 Mar; Bannockburn, The Bungo, Thu 28 Mar.

Sindhu Vee on Bobby Mair

Bobby Mair is one of the most original, fearless, zany, unpredictable and authentic comics around. And he achieves this without leaning into shock and provocation at the cost of genuine jokes. It's a beautiful thing to enjoy from a comic, who despite his ability to go anywhere topic-wise, is always warm.
Sindhu Vee: Sandhog, Old Hairdressers, Sun 24 Mar; Bobby Mair: Undeterred, Blackfriars, Sat 23 Mar.

Go see this: comedians on who you should see at Glasgow Comedy Festival

Sindhu Vee

Jack Barry on Egg

I'd recommend Egg's Richard Pictures. The title itself is great because it's a long version of dick pics, which I don't think nearly enough people appreciate. Lots of silly characters, well-observed sketches and a genuine message that will leave you thinking.
Jack Barry: Tango, Old Hairdressers, Sun 24 Mar; Egg: Richard Pictures, Old Hairdressers, Fri 22 Mar.

Harriet Kemsley on Evelyn Mok

The only thing I love more than Evelyn Mok's shows are her Christmas cards. This year's featured her standing alone on a Welsh cliff dressed as Elvis. I probably should have recommended my husband Bobby Mair's show which is on straight after me at the same venue. However, I will not.
Harriet Kemsley: Slutty Joan, Blackfriars, Sat 23 Mar; Evelyn Mok Tries to Make You LOL, Hug & Pint, Sat 16 Mar.

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