Comedians roast Glasgow

Roast of Glasgow

Natalie Sweeney

Glasgow Comedy Festival guests take a loving swipe at their host city

The test of a solid, confident institution is if it can laugh at itself. As Glasgow opens its doors wide to welcome a host of comedians, we ask five Scottish stand-ups to tear the city a new one in the comedy roast style.

Mark Nelson
I'm not saying Glasgow is violent but Taggart was actually a documentary. Glasgow is a city of culture; and by that I mean most of the women have a yeast infection. Glaswegians drink so much the second most common blood type is vodka.
Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds, The Stand, Thu 14 & Fri 15 Mar.

Natalie Sweeney
Welcome to Glasgow: the place that proves arsonists hate art. Glaswegians were clever about building a cinema as one of their tallest buildings. The only time Glaswegians will climb stairs is when they are guaranteed a seat for two hours.
Natalie Sweeney is part of 3 Men and a Tall Lady, Iron Horse Pub, Sat 23 Mar.

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd
I grew up in Glasgow, and I've spent about 97% of my life living here, so it's hard to have any degree of civic pride when almost everything bad that's ever happened to me took place in this dear green place. 'People Make Glasgow'! Aye, people make Glasgow unbearable. Tell 'People Make Glasgow' to the junkie who abducted me on the day of my high-school ball. Though, to be fair, the transport links are dyno and there's some good places to eat.
Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: work-in-progress, The State Bar, Sat 23 Mar; Home Sweet Home, The Stand, Sat 30 Mar.

Bruce Morton
Only in Glasgow do people say 'only in Glasgow'.
Bruce Morton, Jim Monaghan and the GSR Comedy Night, The Rum Shack, Thu 28 Mar.

Ashley Storrie
We would have a yellow vest revolution but it'd be hard to tell the difference between protesters and the weird guys that wear high vis from home and pretend to run the taxi rank queue. Even though nobody's hired them. They say Glasgow is a melting pot, but unless the melting point of humans is two degrees Celsius, they're talking shite.
Ashley Storrie: Hysterical, The Stand, Fri 22 Mar.

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Work In Progress

Brand new material in preparation for Edinburgh Fringe 2019. ‘A pleasure to watch.’ Voice Magazine. ’Endlessly enjoyable.’ Skinny.

Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds

Award-winning stand-up, creator of News at 3 (130+ million views!) ‘Blistering material’ Sunday Times, ‘Profoundly hilarious… irreverence done right.’ ★★★★ List.

Ashley Storrie: Hysterical

  • 4 stars

The host of BBC Radio Scotland's Friday nights returns with an all-new hour.

3 Men and a Tall Lady

A compilation show of (fairly) new Scottish stand up. Ft Sam Tennent, Natalie Sweeney, Chris Scott & Ross Thomson. Sell out two years running.

Bruce Morton, Jim Monaghan & The GSR Comedy Night

Award winning comic Bruce Morton and poetry legend Jim Monaghan with stand-up comedy guests downstairs at The Rum Shack.

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