Bollywood biopic on Mother Teresa being made

Mother Teresa and Princess Diana

Bollywood is creating a biopic about the life of late Roman Catholic nun and saint Mother Teresa which will be written-and-directed by Indian politician Seema Upadhyay

Bollywood is creating a biopic about the life of the late Mother Teresa.

The film – which is thought to be named 'Mother Teresa The Saint' – will be written and directed by Indian politician, Seema Upadhyay, and will have a yet-to-be-announced cast of both Indian and international actors.

The Bollywood project, which has a release date pf 2020, will be produced by 'Paanch' Pradeep Sharma, 'Ready' Nitin Manmohan, Girish Johar and Prachi Manmohan, and will follow the life of the famous Roman Catholic nun and missionary, who became renowned for her humanitarian work in India and was subsequently declared a saint by Pope Francis.

Writing on Twitter, Girish confirmed the news saying: "Proud NEW journey ... Official biopic on nobel laureate #MotherTeresa launched, produced by Pradeep Sharma, Nitin Manmohan, Girish Johar & @Prachinm. Written-Directed by Seema Upadhyay. Cast-Crew comprises top talent pools of Bollywood & Hollywood.

@OneUpEntertain @seems_u (sic)"

The filmmakers met with Sister Prema Mary Pierick, the current Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity – which was set up by Mother Teresa in 1948 – and Sister Lynne in Kolkata to seek their blessings for the movie.

In a statement, Upadhyay said: "She is a global icon and we will ensure to leave no stone unturned to meet her international stature and pay our tribute to the noble soul. We hope we will do justice and will be able to spread the message for peace, love and humanity that Mother Teresa stood for."

The Albanian nun – who later became an Indian citizen – has had many projects made about her incredible life and work with orphans and disadvantaged people throughout India.

In 2003, there was a documentary named 'Mother Teresa of Calcutta' and in 2014 a film called 'The Letters' explored her life through letters she wrote to her long-time friend and spiritual adviser Father Celeste van Exem.