'Dirty little tramp'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2008

Rex has branded Sara a "dirty little tramp".

The arrogant chef flicked his poisonous tongue once again as he bad mouthed the sexy Australian while on a 'stakeout' in the 'police car' with Stuart.

He asked Stuart: "You know what Sara said to me last night? She said, 'on the first week I got here I really liked you, and then I realised you had a girlfriend.'

"I was like, 'did you just f***king say that out loud?'

"What the f**k, you dirty little tramp? Get back in your hole, you dirty little badger."

Stuart was surprised by the revelation.

He said: "My God. So it was real, it wasn't just nerves then. That was a lucky escape."

Despite Rex's disapproval of Sara's flirting, the self styled playboy has been exposed as a kinky sex addict and is said to have had an affair with a stripper.

His 19-year-old girlfriend Nicole participated in the identity parade task yesterday.

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