Dua Lipa just wants to have 'fun' on new album

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  • 11 March 2019
Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa has teased that her new album is "fun" as it's about "enjoying" life and not taking herself "too seriously"

Dua Lipa just wants to have "fun" on her second album.

The 'Electricity' hitmaker has admitted that she doesn't take herself "too seriously" on her hotly-anticipated follow-up to her hugely successful 2017 self-titled debut – which featured the hit singles 'Hotter Than Hell', 'New Rules' and 'IDGAF' – but she thinks it's important to put across the right "message" to her fans at the same time.

Speaking at the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London recently, she said: "It's going well, I'm really excited.

"Obviously it's scary because it's the second album, but I don't want to take myself too seriously, I want to have fun.

"That's what music, to me, is about.

"As well as getting a message across that is important, it's also a lot about enjoying yourself and that's what I've done."

The 23-year-old pop star also revealed that she has "26 songs" ready for the record after spending many hours in the studio, and is "quite close" to completing it.

She said: "I've worked with the people I worked with on my first album and it's just been quite an organic process, I feel like I'm finding myself every day a little bit more, but I think I'm coming quite close to finishing it.

"I'm about to finish the writing stage and then I'm going to go into production and finishing that off."

Dua admitted that it's going to be a "tricky" process picking the songs for the final tracklist.

She added: "So far on my list I have about 26 [tracks] I really like, but I only want to have maybe 13/14 songs [on the album] so it's tricky. I just want the best out of the bunch that I think is good enough and feels like a body of work."

The 'Swan Song' hitmaker says the album is "conceptual" and that it will influence her next tour.

She said: "Now that I've toured and felt that live environment, I make everything with that in mind.

"This album, I guess, is a bit more conceptual, but if I told you the concept then I'd have to tell you the album title.

"But in that world I'm really thinking about the live show and something new and something different.

"Hopefully now I'll get to do shows that are a bit bigger and stages that are a bit bigger and we'll get to play around a bit more with that."

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