Exposure: SHEARS

Exposure: SHEARS

credit: Trisha Ward

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter announces debut single 'Circle Line'

Edinburgh-based Rebecca 'SHEARS' Shearing brings something wholly unique to the Scottish musical landscape. Initially receiving attention for her popular YouTube videos, which she began uploading in 2007, SHEARS was a notable early star of the YouTube music community. Her stunning covers of hit songs across genres earned her widespread acclaim, with fans particularly taken by her distinctive, stripped-back take on traditionally expansive pop numbers.

Growing up in Ayr, SHEARS was singing opera from the age of five, taking on piano, flute, and guitar through adolescence, before moving to Edinburgh at the age of 17 to study vocals at university. Here, she was able to hone her skills as a songwriter and musician, all while meeting plenty of key figures in the Scottish music industry, one of which would turn out to be her current producer and collaborator, Samson.

As with all her compositions, debut single 'Circle Line' is inspired by real-life frustrations and the innate desire to respond to those feelings. 'This song is about being stuck in an endless loop in a situation you could walk away from if you made the choice to.' She explains. 'It's about not learning, and not coming to your senses before you're sent back around the loop again.'

The dark synth-pop sound of 'Circle Line' is reminiscent of the left of mainstream vibes of artists like Banks or Tove Lo, but SHEARS adds her own touch with her offbeat instrumental lines and Glasgow-based producer Samson's adept production. 'Lyric writing for me is a great way to rid myself of any angst,' she adds, 'so these particular lyrics are me trying to articulate a feeling of being stuck.'

After eighteen months spent locked away writing, recording and playing noisy shows under various pseudonyms, SHEARS is ready for her dark pop sound to be unleashed onto the world.

'Circle Line' is out now and SHEARS will play her debut show as part of the Wide Days music industry convention and showcase on Fri 12 Apr. Limited free tickets available from widedays.com.

Wide Days Showcase: Megan Airlie, VanIves, SHEARS

Wide Days music showcase in partnership with PRS Foundation and Ticketmaster New Music. Entry is free but is limited to one person per email address. Featuring Megan Airlie, VanIves and SHEARS.

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