Rex goes too far

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  • 30 July 2008

Sara said Rex's comments make her "feel like s**t".

The sexy PA told Rex how hurtful his bullying can be during a garden chat this morning.

Rex began to taunt Sara about her craziness.

He said: "Do you not realise you're crazy?"

She replied: "Do you really see me as cuckoo?"

Rex answered: "You're absolutely bonkers - like raving mad!"

But Rex took his nasty comments too far once again.

Sara said: "I feel like s**t now."

Father-of-one Stuart was quick to try to repair the damage caused by the arrogant playboy - who has also been picking on Rachel.

Stuart told Sara: "I think you're pretty popular."

But Sara took little comfort in the dishy dad's kind words and asked who they thought was "more normal" than her in the house.

Rex answered: "Every single person here. Apart from maybe Lisa..."

Stuart added: "You're not like a mutant or anything, you're just cuckoo."

The former head of house's attempt to lighten the mood was bulldozed by brash Rex.

He laughed: "When you blink, your eyes go off at different times."

Sara said he was just making things up now and would not describe herself as "nuts".

Stuart added: "Everyone likes you because of it."

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