Mikey's betrayal warning

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2008

Luke loves to gossip

Mikey warned Luke against stabbing his friends in the back this morning. Luke - who has been branded as the house trouble stirrer - was commenting on how Sara and Kathreya were turning on each other.

Lisa had told Luke how the sexy Australian had asked bubbly Kat to stop singing while they were doing their counterfeit money making task so she could concentrate.

He said: "They're turning on each other now."

Lisa replied: "Sara just had a word now. Apparently they were hot and stressed."

But Luke would not accept the comment was made in the heat of the moment.

He continued: "They've turned on each other now Mikey. Fantastic!"

Mikey warned Luke about betraying his fellow housemates.

He said: "You don't stab your friends in the back."

Luke replied: "You need to stab your enemies first and then you turn on your friends. It speaks of desperation, Mikey."

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