Norah Jones 'freaked out' when she met David Bowie

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  • 23 February 2019
David Bowie

David Bowie

Norah Jones "freaked out" when she met David Bowie and was too shy to shy to suggest a duet between the pair

Norah Jones "freaked out" when she met David Bowie.

The 39-year-old jazz singer was a huge fan of the late musician but when she met him at a Vanity Fair party in 2003, she was too shy to suggest a duet.

When asked in the new issue of MOJO magazine, whether she would have worked Bowie, she said: "We were in very different places, but we shared a love of very similar things. I met him once in 2003 at a Vanity Fair party.

"He and I were at the same table. I was so shy then. I didn't talk to anybody unless they talked to me first. Lisa Robinson introduced us. She was like 'Fly, birds, fly!' But I was too...I would have been more comfortable now but then I was freaked out."

Along with her love for Bowie, Norah also revealed that she listens to Neil Young for "comfort".

She said: "I listen to a lot of Neil Young for comfort, like when I'm cooking – things like 'American Stars 'N Bars'. Country music is a comfort to me. "

As for the music that inspires her, the 'Don't Know Why' singer explained that Brazilian music was a large part of her childhood and helped form the way she sings.

She said: "I've always listened to Brazilian music. When I was growing up, my mom had a lot of Brazilian records.

"She was married before in her twenties and lived in Rio de Janeiro for a couple of years. She always had that stuff playing, and it helped form the way I sing."

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