Dale's break in

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2008

Dale turned thief last night

Dale broke into Heaven and stole a token last night. The sneaky housemate was carrying out one of several new missions as part of the new cops and robbers tasks.

The cocky P.E. teaching student was called to the Diary Room and told of his secret challenge, which he could only tell one other housemate about.

Dale recruited Maysoon to distract Rex, Mohamed and Darnell in the garden.

He said: "Scream that you've seen a rat or something. Chat to them for a bit. But if they see me climbing over the fence then we're f**ked."

As soon as the Muslim model pointed out a rat, both Darnell and Mohamed screamed, allowing Dale to vault the fence and crawl along the floor to the token.

When back in hell, the devious pair decided to hide the token in a mattress in case the 'cops' did a sweep for the missing loot.

Meanwhile, Rachel, Kat and Sara were tasked with printing $100,000 of forged cash, which they believed they did just in time.

Later, Lisa and Luke had to correctly identify Rex's girlfriend and Mohamed's brother from an identity parade, but are unsure if they were successful.

Rex said: ""No way! I can't believe my girlfriend was in the taskroom!"

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