Rex: 'Mikey is pervy'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2008

Rex told Rachel her blind friend Mikey was "perving" on her.

The arrogant chef - who has launched a despicable bullying campaign on his fellow housemates - told the trainee teacher how the sight-impaired radio producer lusts after all the 'Big Brother' females.

But the sweet natured Welsh beauty refused to believe Rex's claims, saying she loves Mikey.

Rex said Mikey had now been caught holding women's underwear twice since entering the house and would grab every opportunity to cop a feel.

He also said Mikey was always "checking her out", despite him being completely blind, and accused Rachel of letting him off because of his disability.

He said: "You are being really out of order actually. If he didn't have a disability you would say he was the biggest sexual pervert on the planet.

"You are always telling Mo off for making sexual comments."

Rachel refused to rise to Rex's rousing and said he was "out of order".

Mohamed added: "Can you be a pervert if you can't see?"

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