Pete Doherty pines for Moss

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  • 30 July 2008

Pete Doherty pines for Moss

Pete Doherty is not over Kate Moss.

The Babyshambles singer claims he has not been in a relationship since splitting from the supermodel a year ago.

He said: "I haven't shacked up with anyone since. I haven't shared my life with anyone."

Pete says his heartbreak has been so great, he hasn't spoken to the 34-year-old beauty since they went their separate ways.

He added to Loaded magazine: "We haven't spoken since we broke up. When you split up with someone, someone that you're seriously in love with, it takes a lot of time before you even realise that you're upset. You know? It just hits you."

The 29-year-old hopes he can use his songwriting to finally help him get over the split.

He explained: "I think this next album's going to be a purge, a cleaning of the soul. I hope so. Put it in for valeting, get all the grime out. Anyone can feel amazing if you're with someone you love. There are moments in your life (when) you're genuinely happy and content."

Meanwhile, Guy Ritchie has revealed the troubled rocker was an inspiration for a character in his new movie.

Speaking about 'RocknRolla', the director told Empire magazine: "At the time I was writing it, Pete Doherty was everywhere. It's either genius marketing or a happy - or unhappy - accident.

"It's creative self-destruction in the sense that he's doing it creatively.

"I think what we all like is someone who fell and then stood up again. And that's probably the story with Pete Doherty.

"There seems to be an implication that people want to see him jump. But at the same time there's a desire to see the likes of him being reborn."

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Pete Doherty

The usual unpredictability and undeniable charisma from the Libertines/Babyshambles man trying to keep his nose clean.

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