Charlie Puth is a 'terrible' piano teacher

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  • 11 February 2019
Charlie Puth

Charlie Puth

'Marvin Gaye' hitmaker Charlie Puth has insisted he is "terrible at teaching people how to play piano, despite being taught himself from the age of four

Charlie Puth is "terrible" at teaching people how to play piano.

The 'Marvin Gaye' hitmaker – whose mother taught him how to play the instrument himself when he was just four years old – has gone on to inspire other people to follow their passion with music, and while he's grateful he doesn't think he's the best person to learn from.

Speaking to Billboard, he said: "I never thought that there would be a day and age where I'd be interacting with millions of people at a time...

"I'm a terrible piano teacher. Don't ask me for lessons! But I'm happy that they're playing."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old star also commented on the new freedom he is feeling with his own music after taking control with his 2018 sophomore album 'Voicenotes'.

Referring to the amount of control other people had over his sound and image for 2016 debut 'Nine Track Mind', Charlie insisted he's finally being himself.

He explained: "I'm just finally, after three years of following other people's orders, doing what I wanna do.

"And 'Voicenotes' was the beginning of me kind of rebelling, I guess, against that... this music is going to feel very, very 100 percent me."

Last year, the star reveled he had gone an extra step to take control of his sound after undergoing surgery to improve his voice.

He said: "I had nasal surgery to correct my septum, and nobody knows I had surgery. I can sing better now. I was never gonna tell anybody, but I can tell people. If Kylie Jenner can tell everybody..."

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