Esports Championship Series comes to Wembley, find out how to get tickets

eSports Championship Series comes to Wembley, find out how to get tickets

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The best teams in electronic gaming come to the UK to battle it out this June

The Esports Championship Series comes to the SSE Arena in Wembley this summer. Matches go ahead on Sat 8–Sun 9 June at the 12,500 capacity venue as Europe and North America battle for grand final positions. Tickets for the championships go on sale at 12pm Sat 9 Feb.

The Esports Championship Series, which launched in 2015, returns for its seventh season this year at the SSE Arena in London. Organized by FACEIT, a competitive gaming platform focusing on online multiplayer games, this competition follows some of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players as they strive to be the last person standing. The event features the top gaming teams from the online season contending for the $660,000 prize money, with commentary and game analysis throughout.

The 2018 winning team was Astralis from Denmark who split the prize pot with runners up MIBR of Brazil and third and fourth place contestants Ninjas in Pyjamas and North.

The championships are also live broadcast on YouTube and watched by fans across the globe, with prizes up for grabs for FACEIT members. The grand finals take place at the Esports Stadium in Arlington from Fri 22–Mon 25 Nov.

The Esports Championship Series runs at Wembley Arena from Sat 8-Sun 9 June. Tickets go on sale at 12pm Sat 9 Feb.

Esports Championship Series

The best professional gamers of Europe and North America lay it all out on the electronic field for a chance at the top prize.