Firing line nine

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 July 2008

Luke and Dale are not up alone

Nine housemates face eviction this week as punishment for discussing nominations.

Maysoon, Kat, Darnell, Rex, Mohamed, Rachel and Stuart will join Luke and Dale - who received the majority of nominations - in the firing line.

Housemates used a secret football code - using 'Arsenal' when talking about Darnell, 'Wigan' when discussing Luke and dubbing Rachel as 'Cardiff' - which was easily deciphered by Big Brother.

Only Lisa, Sara and Mikey are safe for another week.

The group were shocked when Big Brother revealed who will be facing the public vote.

Big Brother announced: "As punishment for taking part in these conversations, the following housemates will also face the public vote this week."

Luke speculated about a double eviction.

He said: "With nine up, two are going. How the hell did you escape that, Mikey?"

Heavenly housemates had previously plotted to have Dale and Luke put up for eviction after secret chats in the nomination pod.

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