Task identity revealed

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  • 29 July 2008

Rex revealed the new task

Housemates were told about their new shopping task this afternoon. Nervous contestants feared further punishments from Big Brother after Stuart was stripped of his Head of House title earlier today for discussing nominations.

Luke said: "Brace yourself, Lisa I may need a hug after this."

Rex put himself forward to collect the instructions for the cops and robbers challenge from the Diary Room.

He said: "Sorry Stu, I'm taking over from you."

After revealing the details of the task, Sara gave a loud cheer.

Rex explained: "All Heavenly housemates will take part in The Cop Challenge. Big Brother will reveal this challenge in the Diary Room later today.

"Heavenly housemates will become 'cops'. All housemates from Hell will become 'robbers'.

"The 'robbers'' challenges are as follows; The Counterfeiters Challenge, The Safe-Crackers Challenge and The Identity Parade Challenge."

Despite his smugness when reading out the tasks for the hell housemates, Rex is unaware that his girlfriend will be taking part in the identity parade.

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