Stuart steps down

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 29 July 2008

Stuart handed in his rosette

Stuart has been stripped of his Head of House title (2.20pm). The father-of-one - who was given the responsibility after winning the chilli eating competition - was forced to hand over his rosette after discussing nominations outside of the designated pod.

The former leader stormed off to the diary room, expressing his disagreement with the decision.

He said: "Can I not predict how many people go up? I've never mentioned anyone's name at all.

"I haven't even leant towards any particular people in here.

Mohamed said: "They can see it anyway they want to see it."

But despite his foul mood over the incident, Stuart said he was happy about being eligible for eviction.

The group speculated about former head of house Mikey reclaiming leadership because he came second in the chilli challenge.

Luke said: "If they did this politically, Mikey would be acting head of house until Saturday. Mikey for head of house!"

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