Darnell's Sara attack

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  • 29 July 2008

Darnell criticised Sara today

Darnell lashed out at Sara today.

The US deportee - who attacked Dale and Luke last night - hit out at the ditsy Australian after she revealed her reasons for nominating.

He said: "Yesterday you said that when you go into the Diary Room to make a decision you can only think about the things that have been done to you.

"Even though the things that have happened to you are relatively minor."

But the PA said the comment was out of line.

She said: "You've got it one hundred million percent wrong. I know what you're implying but we can't discuss it in here."

The rapper said he "didn't want to hear it" and hid his head under a towel.

Darnell has previously been blasted for his aggressive behaviour, most notably for his explosive reaction to former housemate Dennis spitting in Mohamed's face.

Last night he launched a foul-mouthed attack on Luke and Dale, branding them a**holes.

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