Spice Girls cartoon snubbed by networks

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  • 2 January 2019
Spice Girls

Spice Girls

Plans for a Spice Girls animated superhero movie is reportedly in doubt after it is said to have been snubbed by TV networks and film distributors

Spice Girls' animated superhero movie has reportedly been snubbed by networks and studios.

The iconic girl group had plans for their own cartoon but it's said they are struggling to find TV broadcasters or film distributors willing to broadcast it.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "The girls all felt the project would be snapped up in a big-money deal, but to date nobody has optioned it and they're finding it difficult to get it off the ground.

"They have a production deal to make the animation but nobody has bought the rights to broadcast it yet, which came as a great ­surprise to the girls.

"Geri and Mel B, especially, have been really keen to see themselves made into cartoon characters and launch their legacy to a whole new youth audience. They were hoping that Marvel or Disney would pick up their movie but it just hasn't taken off."

It was previously revealed that at the heart of the project is the group's long-standing message of 'girl power', and each of the quintet's animated alter egos will land possess a special girl power which reflects their personality.

Although Victoria Beckham won't be joining her bandmates – Geri Horner, Mel C, Mel B and Emma Bunton – for their reunion tour later this year, she had signed off on the animated project.

The idea – which would follow their previous big screen appearance in 1997 comedy 'Spice World' – comes from the mind of the band's former manager Simon Fuller, but hopes of a major network deal hasn't come into fruition.

Meanwhile, Mel B recently revealed she is excited to get back on the road with the 'Wannabe' hitmakers.

She said: "We're getting ready to rehearse and having non-stop meetings about how we're going to do the show.

"We want to blow the fans away to thank them for their loyalty and support

"I actually cannot wait to get into my leopardprint catsuits and rip up the stage. Everyone get ready."

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