High Emergency (3 stars)

High Emergency

Five, Tue 5 Aug, 7.30pm


One of the last places you’d want to find yourself stranded in the British Isles is up in the Highlands. If you thought any different you’ll change your mind after watching the first instalment of this documentary series through your increasingly icy fingers as climbers get trapped on a narrow path with a sheer drop on either side as the darkness descends; a show-off skier dude snaps his leg mid-somersault; even a 70-year-old can fall over and dislocate his shoulder. All of this can only ever happen in the Highlands, it seems.

The show follows the tireless work of the area’s RAF Search and Rescue Team, the Stornoway Coastguards and the Cairngorm Mountain Ski Patrol. Rather than just let these events unfold on screen in the calm, almost serene manner in which they took place, the makers have cranked up the soundtrack and cut between tales dramatically as though watching a pensioner sitting in agony at home is akin to Jack Bauer diving 200ft down off a burning skyscraper to strangle a terrorist who is about to detonate a nuclear device. Then again, on the remote island of Scarp, maybe it is.

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