The Kevin Bishop Show (2 stars)

The Kevin Bishop Show

Channel 4, Fri 1 Aug, 10pm


Like the mighty Bobby Davro, Kevin Bishop can do a fair old impersonation or two (his Jonathan Ross and Gary Lineker are awesome) but can’t get any material around them to save his life. There have been boasts made about this quickfire show cramming in a vast amount of sketches into its 25 minutes an episode airtime, but having utilised the technique of an unseen viewer channel hopping, this simply comes across as second-rate Broken News. And that’s saying something.

Along the not-especially-funny way, we get Richard Branson in the not-so Secret Millionaire, Justin Lee Collins trying to reunite Dad’s Army, Gordon Ramsay having an actual nightmare about his kitchen and Grange Hill USA giving the Zammo junkie storyline a Stateside twist. Ultimately, the real baddie in all this is Channel 4 who, after Dom Joly and Leigh Francis, have once again punted another average comedic talent as the second coming.


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