Car Bomb (4 stars)

Car Bomb

Channel 4, Sun 3 Aug, 7pm


The scary question posed at the end of this two-part documentary is ‘will we ever see an end to the car bomb?’ The answer is a resounding ‘no’, not unless we ditch our motors for good and walk everywhere. Even then, we’d probably only see a proliferation in the suicide bomber. Having worked on the ground for the CIA in the Lebanon, India and Iraq Robert Baer is well versed in the terrors unleashed by explosives strapped to a vehicle and activated through a timer or remote detonation.

In this second part he meets the IRA activists who brought horror to the streets of Belfast and London in the early 70s. A compelling and terrifying analysis of this most deadly of terrorist weapons, it’s only let down by seemingly endless footage of a street scene followed by a massive fiery bang and Baer’s casual insistence that Timothy McVeigh acted alone in bringing Oklahoma City to its knees in 1995.

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