Britney and The Beast at Websters Theatre (3 stars)

Britney and The Beast

Insideout production is a cheeky concoction

Two dames are better than one in Paul Harper-Swan's latest panto, which skewers Beauty and The Beast and relocates it to Partick.

Good dame Nanny Nonsense (Neil Thomas) just wants her wee family, daftie Freddy Floss (Alessandro Sanguigni) and Britney (Claire Hubsmith), to find happiness in the Pantosphere. But bad dame Joanna Winch (Jamie McKillop) has a score to settle with Nonsense, ever since (origin tale alert!) she was disgraced as the original headmistress at Panto High with a strategically placed whoopee cushion.

Thus follows shade throwing accompanying the usual sweetie throwing. The charismatic duo excel together, contrasting Thomas's Elaine C Smithism style of Dame humour with McKillop's Sharon Needles-like vision, but both would surely be considered for RuPaul's forthcoming UK Drag Race, were their dialogue not so scatalogical – or Glaswegian.

It doesn't matter that the sweet Britney and her beau Andy (Andrew Grayson) who becomes a Beast through Joanna's curse, are given a nebulous storyline, as the show totters along with a spike heel energy.

Jo Jullerton's puppets are adorable and anarchic, but the disco raunch factor means very little ones might get distracted over the whole two hours. Sometimes, all it takes is spirit, kindness and a power ballad or two to put things right though. All good kids know this. Britney, happily, is both naughty and nice.

Websters Theatre, Glasgow, until Sat 5 Jan 2019.

Britney and the Beast

Panto by Paul Harper-Swan bringing a Scottish twist to the beloved tale. Production by Insideout Theatre productions Ltd, in association with Websters Theatre Glasgow.

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