Luke vs Dale

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  • 29 July 2008

Luke and Dale face eviction

Luke and Dale will face the public vote this week. The lovelorn lads - who are both moping after love interests Rebecca and Jennifer were evicted - will go head to head for Friday's eviction.

The pair were singled out by 'Big Brother' Angels Stuart, Mohamed, Rex and Mikey when they plotted about who they should vote for in the nomination pod - a designated area of the Heaven house where the foursome can freely discuss tactics.

The Hell housemates were forbidden from voting unless they completed a task of sorting out around 14,000 cake decoration sprinkles into colour order.

Luke has irritated housemates as his two-faced tendencies began to show. He also annoyed the group by constantly moaning about the loss of busty Bex, who he snogged before she was given the boot last week.

Dale - who said he wants to be evicted so he can see model Jennifer - lost favour when he under performed as the head of house last week.

He also shocked the Angels when he said he would "stab anyone in the back for £100K" and would "nail any f***y" he saw in the house.

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