Kate Bush hates listening to her old music

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 9 December 2018
Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Kate Bush has admitted she doesn't like listening to her back catalogue because she always picks out improvements she could have made

Kate Bush finds it "disappointing" listening back to her old records.

The 'Wuthering Heights' hitmaker can always find faults in her music but hopes to learn from the things she would have changed when recording something new – but doesn't find that particularly easy.

Speaking to MOJO magazine, she said: "I mean, it's always quite a disappointing process for me, listening back to stuff.

"Because either I think, 'Oh, I would've remixed that' or 'I shouldn't have done this' or 'That was good but I didn't make enough of it.'

"But that's all part of hopefully a continuing process that you can take into the next record and maybe try to correct it and not make the same mistakes again.

"But it's very hard because, of course, we all tend to repeat mistakes don't we."

The 60-year-old singer sometimes wishes her music had been "easier" so she could have made more records, but she thinks it's "nice" she took so much care with all her albums.

Speaking in 2005 in a newly-published interview, she said: "I suppose it would have been nice if they'd been a bit easier.

"It would've been nice if some of the stuff I did wasn't always so hard.

"I mean, I could've made more records.

"That would have been an easy choice.

"So I had that choice and I chose not to.

"I chose to go through this incredibly sort of masochistic way of making records, which takes a long time and obviously there's fewer of them.

"But I think what's nice is, although there aren't many records out there, they've all been made with a lot of care."