Bradley Cooper relishes the challenge of balancing acting and directing

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  • 6 December 2018
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

American star Bradley Cooper has insisted he loves the challenge of balancing acting and directing

Bradley Cooper loves the challenge of balancing acting and directing.

The 43-year-old star helmed his first movie, the musical drama 'A Star Is Born', earlier this year, and Bradley has admitted to relishing his work in front of, and behind, the camera.

The Hollywood star – who also played a central on-screen role in the film – explained: "I've never been more fulfilled and have it feel more natural. I love acting, and I love acting and directing."

The movie also saw Lady Gaga star in her first major movie role as a nightclub singer-songwriter.

Bradley admitted they both took a significant risk with the project, and that their personal relationship was key to the film's success.

He told Screen Daily: "Clearly, we were both entering into worlds we didn't know, and each person had been very comfortable in their world for at least a decade – or two, in my case.

"I hope that gave her comfort in the way she gave me comfort."

Bradley explained that his honest and open approach with Gaga was the key to their on-set relationship.

He shared: "I knew right away we were going to tell each other the truth; there's no reason not to because eventually everybody's going to say what they really think.

"I was convincing her it was working and she was the same about me, so we provided a great barometer [for each other]."

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