Snow White and the Seven Dames (4 stars)

Snow White and the Seven Dames

credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Perth Panto works on at least seven levels

There may be seven in the title, but the irrepressible Barrie Hunter, who co-directed this gem along with Perth Theatre's Lu Kemp, plays a couple of said Dames, and it's a cheeky Ewan Somers who does the rest. Two are even given the (less than flattering) Scottish names Glaikit and Hackit.

Penned by Frances Poet, there's naturally an impetus upon themes of female agency, the environment and the importance of family. Emma Mullen's bright, bold Snow White is nobody's idea of a simpering princess and refuses to run off with either potential suitor, choosing independence instead.

It's the daft asides though, that keep even the naughtiest kids boggle eyed. A delightfully cartoonish Michael Dylan steals a couple of scenes with his entitled, lovestruck Prince Poshpants. It all culminates in a thrilling chase around the auditorium to rescue Snow White from her evil step-mum (a fabulous Helen Logan).

If the action-packed scenes aren't enough, the wittily rewritten pop songs clearly appeal to different generations – from uproarious takes on '9 to 5' to 'A Shout Out To My Ex', all played by the excellent Iona Crosby, Kieran Young and Max Popp, aka the Perth Panto Orchestra. And best of all, there's not a whiff of Sheeran in sight.

Perth Theatre, Fri 30 Nov–Sat 5 Jan.

Snow White and the Seven Dames

Directed by Barrie Hunter Snow White never asked to be beautiful. She never asked to be given a name that reduces her to her perfect complexion. It's particularly embarrassing now that she has a bout of acne. Since her father married that awful witch, she spends hours alone in her room. When her evil stepmother makes her…

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