The Heartbreak Club

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  • 29 July 2008

Lisa is part of The Heartbreak Club

Lisa, Dale and Luke branded themselves 'The Heartbreak Club' last night. The trio - who all had relationships in the house before their partners were evicted - pined for their lost loves and confided in each other's loneliness.

They even came up with new nickname for themselves - Jale, Buke and Misa - by merging their own names with those of their partners.

Dale said: "All I've been thinking about is seeing Jen. Seriously, I'm hoping she'll be at my eviction. If she's not there I'll be gutted."

Later, Luke wondered what Bex was up to, suggesting she would be tied up with photo shoots for lads' magazines.

He said: "Oh Rebecca, where art thou now? She'll be busy with Nuts and Zoo."

Afterwards, Lisa - who insisted the threesome "play on" their new moniker - gave Luke a boost when he complained of having no energy after Bex left.

The former bodybuilder lifted the skinny student and carried him across the garden in her arms.

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