Niall Horan is busy penning new songs

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  • 5 December 2018
Niall Horan

Niall Horan

Niall Horan has provided an update on his progress of his new music, revealing he is "excited" about the writing sessions he has planned this week

Niall Horan is busy writing new material.

The 'Slow Hands' hitmaker took to Twitter recently to let his 39.3 million followers know he's hard at work making new songs for his follow-up to his debut solo album 'Flicker'.

He wrote: "Exciting week ahead of writing ! (sic)"

The One Direction star recently admitted he feels like the "Benjamin Button' of pop as his career is going in reverse.

The 25-year-old singer conquered the charts all over the world playing stadiums and arenas in all the major cities with the boyband – who are on an extended hiatus.

Since going solo, Niall has had to start again with a new style of music but he has enjoyed "going from arenas to smaller gigs" in a similar way to the literally character who ages in reverse.

He said: "It's Benjamin Button – going from arenas to smaller gigs. I've got to play these places we never got to play in the band, people will have this thing where it's like, you know ... we don't all have to be as big as Ed [Sheeran].

"It's great to be like, on our level here, and still have these moments where you enjoy a theatre, personally I've been lucky enough to do the stadiums and it's amazing, but we went straight from 'The X Factor' to arenas, missed out a little bit."

The 'On the Loose' singer confessed that he found it "different" while touring 'Flicker' but ultimately enjoyed the opportunity to make the event "more about the gig than a show".

He said: "At the start it was very different, like, smaller crew. Smaller venue. But then when you break it down, I was lucky enough in the past to do the large shows with the lights and the fireworks and the stadium audiences. And this has just been nice to make it more about the gig than a show.

"I made an album that I've written completely myself, and worked hard on it. We spend eight or nine months recording something like that, and then releasing it, and then getting on the road."

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