Brigitte Nielsen on working with ex Sylvester Stallone on Creed II

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  • 29 November 2018
Brigitte Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen

'Creed II' star Brigitte Nielsen has revealed she and ex husband Sylvester Stallone were "professionals" on the set of the boxing drama blockbuster

Brigitte Nielsen says she and ex husband Sylvester Stallone were "professionals" on set.

The 55-year-old actress was reunited with her former flame – who she married in 1985 and divorced just 19 months later – on the big screen for 'Creed II', and she suggested they were able to keep a civil relationship during filming.

Appearing on ITV's 'Loose Women' she said: "With Sylvester, we are two professionals. We dealt with it that way and of course, I stuck to the Russian corner."

Nielsen stars as villain Ivan Drago's ex-wife Ludmila in the eighth movie in the 'Rocky' franchise, while saw Stallone reprise his role as beloved underdog boxer Rocky Balboa.

The cast gathered on the red carpet on Wednesday (28.11.18) to celebrate the European premiere of the blockbuster in London.

Nielsen is now married to fifth husband Mattia Dessi, 40, and the couple welcomed their first child together – daughter Frida – in June.

The proud mother – who also has four sons from previous relationships – added: "When I'm old and grey, Frida has got a young dad.

"He's ecstatic. We've been together, in April, for 15 years, it's an enormous celebration for us as husband and wife and now mum and dad. He's an excellent dad.

"We work together, we have literally shared almost 24 hours a day since we met... we feel like we have always been together. It's lovely, it's awesome...I've had rocky times in my life but it's kind of created the strength I have today."

Nielsen stars as Ludmila Drago in the

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