Tim Kliphuis - Counterpoint Swing (3 stars)

Tim Kliphuis - Counterpoint Swing

(Lowland Records)


Dutch violinist Tim Kliphuis has been a regular visitor to Scotland in recent times (he’s back again at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival), and the trio on this new CD is very much a product of those visits. Kliphuis first linked up with guitarist Nigel Clark and bassist Roy Percy at Glasgow’s Café Cossachok, and subsequent touring has honed the palpable sense of group collaboration in their music.

The violinist’s particular take on the ever-popular Hot Club style is to mix it up with an overt classical influence, not only in his playing style, but also his choice of music. His arrangements of pieces by Handel, Tchaikovsky, Grieg, Smetana, Bach, Pachelbel and Paganini translate sweetly to a swing treatment, and bring a fresh and unashamedly populist slant to a well-worn style. His virtuoso technique and sure sense of swing is augmented by Clark’s assured and intelligent guitar soloing, and all three are entirely at home in the idiom.

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