Darren Hayman - Great British Holiday EPs (3 stars)

Darren Hayman - Great British Holiday EPs

(Belka Records)


Many indie buffs might recall a certain 90s outfit, Hefner, although most would be pushed to come up with the name of the band’s frontman, Darren Hayman. Featuring the odd ukulele, Casio keyboard, et al, this compilation comprises four sold-out EPs (‘Caravan Songs’, ‘Ukulele Songs . . .’, ‘Eastbourne Lights’ and ‘Minehead’), recorded 2005-2007 at various UK holiday destinations. With the exception of the non-EP, bonus-track cover versions (once the speciality of Lindsey Buckingham, Connie Francis and Chas & Dave), Hayman paints a portrait of quintessential Englishness. And apart from some lo-fi dirges, songs such as ‘Future Song’, ‘Rain All Summertime’ (also on accompanying DVD-video) and ‘1976’, have all the hallmarks of what was fascinating about Ray Davies and Luke Haines.

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