Duncan Chisholm - Farrar (5 stars)

Duncan Chisholm - Farrar

(Copperfish Records)


Duncan Chisholm is a busy man, what with Wolfstone, his duo with Ivan Drever, and his involvement in a number of other people’s bands to keep him fully occupied. Every now and again, though, he fulfills his promise to do another solo album, and they are invariably worth the – usually long – wait. His third solo project, Farrar, is no exception, and proves a worthy successor to Redpoint and The Door of Saints.

There is not a weak moment or superfluous note on the album. He demonstrates his mastery of the slow air on several tunes, including Gordon Duncan’s lovely ‘Lorient Mornings’ and some plaintive traditional tunes. His immaculate phrasing and beautifully judged rhythmic sense is equally impressive on the faster sets, including Fred Morrison’s lilting ‘Farewell to Uist’, Angus Grant’s ‘250 to Vigo’ and his own ‘The 303’. Several friends lend exemplary support, including Phil Cunningham, Chris Drever and former Wolfstone bandmate Ross Hamilton.

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