You Are Here! (4 stars)

You Are Here!

credit: Joe Price

Lively planetarium fun

Aimed at a younger audience, and determined to celebrate science without slipping into mystical reflections on the magic of the universe, You Are Here follows the adventures of two tour guides who had hoped to present a professor of astronomy for a journey into outer-space. When the professor decides to break the date to see something unique and mind-blowing, the two guides, already struggling with the boundary between their professional and familial relationship, use the planetarium in an attempt to discover where the professor might be.

After trailing through the stars, You Are Here offers a nice double twist, gently introducing the study of stars and planets with plenty of imaginative audience interaction and cheeky humour. The tour guides routines are fresh and cheerful, and the final revelation is an elegant solution to the puzzle set by the professor, affirming the specialness of Earth with exceptional scientific honesty.

A warm and friendly display, it balances the wonder of the planetarium with a charming narrative: the asides for parents are subtle and never crass intrusions in what can be a wonderful and comfortable encouragement for children to check out the power of scientific investigation.

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