BHP Comics to take Scottish comics overseas

BHP Comics taking Scottish comics overseas

Rolled a One by Chris Baldie

Publishers of recent Scottish hits like We Shall Fight Until We Win and Killtopia, signs two new comic creators as well as two overseas distribution deals

Glasgow-based comic publisher BHP has signed distribution deals with SCB, a book trade distributor in California, and Inzeo, a European digital platform, to get comics to readers in whole new regions.

Hits like We Shall Fight Until We Win, a graphic anthology celebrating 100 years of women's achievements in politics created in partnership with 404 Ink, and Killtopia, a cyberpunk, futuristic romp, will be introduced to audiences in previously unreached territories thanks to the new deals.

BHP currently works with Turnaround to distribute books throughout the UK. With SCB, books will also make their way out to stores across North America. Inzeo, a digital platform originally created for the large Franco-Belgian market, is now diversifying into English translations and will provide a new online home for BHP books.

Sha Nazir, BHP's Director, says: 'We've made big strides at BHP, coming from a small cooperative to publishing quality books. This is the next important step for our growth and we're very excited to take it and take BHP's books further and to new audiences who haven't seen what we're up to yet.'

It's not only distribution deals that BHP have been signing in recent days, however, they've also welcomed two new titles to the stable. Dungeon Fun by Colin Bell and Neil Slorance tells the tale of young adventurer Fun Mudlifter. Bell says: 'The great work BHP is doing in putting out diverse works made it a very easy decision when we were asked to come along.'

The second new addition is Rolled a One, an award-winning D&D inspired story by Chris Baldie. He says: 'Whenever possible I like to promote and buy from Scottish artists and makers, so to be part of a team that is actively doing the same is a wonderful thing.'

The books will be available from BHP from spring and early summer next year. In addition to new creators and deals, the team is also welcoming Gary Chudleigh onboard as a freelance Creative Producer with an eye on developing film and TV pitches, so we're sure to hear even more from the burgeoning publisher in the not too distant future.