Andy Diggle & Jock - Green Arrow: Year One (3 stars)

Green Arrow: Year One



Former 2000AD editor Andy Diggle is another Brit making a name for himself in the world of US comics with stints on ‘Batman’, ‘Hellblazer’ and ‘Swamp Thing’ under his belt. Once again teaming up with frequent collaborator Jock (they also joined forces for Lenny Zero and The Losers) who provides dramatic, sketchy artwork. Retelling the origins of Green Arrow, DC’s Robin Hood-obsessed, bow and arrow-toting, environmental champion, it’s a story of a millionaire playboy who craves adventure, but ends up way over his head after being betrayed by a man he thought was a friend.

Stranded on a remote desert island he comes to rely on his wits and archery skills to live, before an encounter with drug traffickers forces him to step up and be a hero. It’s a solid if simplistic account of Oliver Queen’s transformation to the Green Arrow, all backed up with some cracking art.

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